"I never thought I could love a horse as much as I do now.  I got kicked by a horse years....ago and I have been afraid of them ever since.  My husband, Skip, whom owned horses in the past decided that we were going to buy horses.  Neither one of us knew much about them except some of the old ways of training a horse to do what you wanted it to do.  Well -- we had friends that were going to help us out as far as getting back into horses.  It didn't really matter what they told me;  I was still afraid of mine.  We decided that if we were going to ride horses that we needed a little professional help.  We signed up for a 5 day riding class with Josh Lyons and Jake Baker.  Talk about exciting!!!!!!  I was SO SCARED my first day.  I thought everything that could go wrong was about to happen to ME!  Little did I know that these guys where there to prevent that from happening.  Well it just so happened that I was extremely sick, but after the first day I was so excited that I would not miss one day of the classes. "


Linda Young


"I had a rewarding experience and would like to share a positive testimonial a a few pictures from the clinic:
Jake Baker is an excellent teacher of horsemanship.  I recently attended a five-day clinic in Brenham led by Jake and Josh Lyons.  Every horse and rider improved with Jake's instruction.  He communicates clearly and his patience never fails.  Jake challenged all participants to perform to the best of their abilities.  He gave everyone individual attention, while keeping the group activities flowing.  When he noticed a few of my bad habits, he explained how to correct them and why there is a better way.  Jake is exactly what you would expect in a John Lyons certified trainer. "

Harry Tuttle

Needville, TX  


    "I recently purchased an 8-year old quarter horse gelding who was shown in a Ranch Horse Competition at the Houston Livestock Show.  "Mac" did real good in the competition and I was certain he was going to be a good horse for me (I turned 50 last year and am just getting back into riding after a 30 year lay-off).  I paid to have Mac hauled to our barn and he arrived the next day in a huge (probably 8-horse) trailer.  

    I rode Mac for a couple of weeks and he did great, but I saw where a John Lyons "certified trainer", Jake Baker, was having a clinic near me, so I decided to attend.  Well, I needed to get all Mac's shots current so I pulled our 2-horse bumper-pull trailer around one morning for the short trip to the vet.  You can't imagine how shocked I as when Mac refused to load!!  He said "I'M NOT GOING IN THERE AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME".  You would figure a horse who had to have been hauled as much as Mac would load, but I guess he had always been hauled in large trailers.  

    Well, my brother and I didn't see this to be too large a problem as we had loaded problem horses before.  After breaking (2) cotton ropes, cutting his head (almost got an eye), rearing up and almost going through a fence, and getting a puncture wound in his right knee (which cost me a lot of money and put Mac out of commission for 6 weeks) we decided to stop. Thank the LORD we didn't have a bull-dozer!!  

    I attended the first clinic weekend (round pen basics) with my brotherís horse and everything went great.  Jake really makes you feel at ease, instead of him training your horse, he TEACHES you how to train your horse.  At the close of the clinic, I found out that the next clinic was on proper leading, trailer loading and giving to the bit.  Great!!  Except one problem, how do I get a horse who won't load in my trailer to a trailer loading clinic?  I know I could have found some way around the situation, but Jake offered to come to our barn and loaded Mac in his large 4-horse trailer and got him to the clinic!!!! We used my 2-horse trailer during the clinic.  

    Under Jake's guidance, and after about 2 long hours in the hot sun, Mac was calmly loading and standing in the trailer...and waiting for my "cue" to unload!!!  The feeling of accomplishment I felt can't really be explained.  Jake Baker is a great teacher/instructor.  Mac and I are now loading and going to many different places to ride.  Thanks to Jake Baker, I'm really enjoying my re-entry into the world of horses!"

Joe Thorp...
Simonton, Texas




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